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  • Aug 09
  • #897576

Not a good company takes over leases from other rent management companys then tries to evict you without trying to find solution DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU!!!! Calls themselves the owner !

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Shady San Diego Company. BEWARE: Sellers/Buyers and possible job candidates. I have been a real estate agent for the past 6 years and thought it would be a good change to be part of a company that focuses on their so called, "Values." Mark, in San Francisco gave me a 30 minute phone interview and passed me through to the In person interviews. I was scheduled to meet with two individuals out of the Redfin office in Carlsbad. The first interviewer... Read more

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Redfin has estimated my house much lower than it's current value. I have called Redfin customer service, have sent an e-mail to Redfin customer servicce regarding the wrong value on my house , have send them comparable houses in our area with the same square footage that have been sold . However; I have received irrelevant responses back: One customer service rep. told me that there is a bug in Refin's software program that calculates wrong and... Read more

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As a realtor, when I enter my listings in my multiple listing service, my listings will show up on I want to tell you this site is not reliable. Do not use this site. I currently having a listing that has 4 total bedrooms in the home. When you look at the header of the listing, it incorrectly states that it only has 2 bedrooms. I brought this to their attention and Redfin continues to blame this on my multiple listing service,... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 29
  • #874323

My Redfin agent failed to disclose that the house we wanted to buy was 12% over fair market value. Add in poor communication and a decided lack of work ethic and poor attention to details... I'll never use Redfin again.

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Manager in Charlotte was completely unprofessional. Accused me of ethics when in fact she went back on her word. Threatening accusations after that from the seller perspective. Bid on another home that REDFIN was the agent with ZERO response to the buying agent. Cannot recommend the Charlotte location at all. Manager in Charlotte was completely unprofessional. Accused me of ethics when in fact she went back on her word. ... Read more

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I've just recently had my first Redfin agent tour & found it to be a bit disturbing. Since I have used Redfin's online resources while buying & selling houses for years, I was completely indoctrinated in doing my own research. So using Redfin or another "kickback" broker for agency makes sense for me - I've done important homework, this seems a good way to be compensated for it. A couple things bothered me about the agent's approach: First,... Read more

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Wow. Working in an extremely professional high end sales environment, i could not believe my recent REDFIN experience. Mike Demello responded promptly to my inquiry about a property, i wondered how many 2brs were available in a new complex going up on kakaako. He told me "none" they were not for sale yet. Which was wrong. The complex had been for sale for some time. I was a little taken aback that he could provide such incorrect... Read more

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MY HOUSE WAS NEVER RENOVATED! TOOK A DOZEN EMAILS TO DELETE ERROR. After support finally understood error they escalated. Escalation support had to be explained problem again. No one bother to read emails and fail basic reading skills. Redfin is the poster for what is wrong with America: 1) Hiring young know nothings. 2) Misrepresent and damage values to homes. 3) Genuinely incompetent and wet behind the ears. 4) Know less than a rock. Year... Read more

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Redfin has been advertising Real Estate jobs in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I am a seasoned managing broker with experience. I was interested in Redfin's business model and currently am holding my own license. I was told Redfin will not respond to requests without a resume, which immediately sent in. I then waited for Redfin to contact me. After a week, when I did not hear from Redfin, I emailed my resume again. I finally got an email... Read more

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